3D Scanning – 3D Modelling – 3D Printing

3D scanning technologies are used in almost all areas, but specifically, the following can be distinguished:

  • Reverse engineering

  • Industrial Design

  • Measurement control

  • The medicine

  • Digital archiving

  • Jewelcrafting

  • Copy

  • Souvenir products

3D scanning conditions:

  • The cost is calculated individually for each order and depends on such parameters as size, object geometry, its detail

  • Minimum Scan Service Cost £30

This service includes:

  • Specialist consultation: answers to all your questions about the 3D scanning process and 3D printing.

  • 3D object scan

  • Combining scanned surfaces into a single 3D model

  • Correction of the resulting model, texture mapping if necessary

  • Saving the model in the desired format

3D Modelling  3D Printing

  • People, animals, birds, insects and reptiles, prehistoric and mythical.

  • Toys and games for children and adults.

  • Gadgets and fashion accessories.

  • Spare parts for cars, motorcycles and other equipment.

  • Details of the mechanisms.

  • Enclosures for industrial and household appliances.

  • Personal protective equipment: helmets, helmets, gas masks, glasses, etc.

  • Household items: dishes, furniture, stationery, etc.

  • Prototypes of various products for furniture, construction, oil and gas, food, transport, defence and light industry.

  • Promotional exhibits, exclusive gifts and more…

3D CAD Modelling is carried out using photographs, drawings, real objects, drawings and diagrams based on 3D scanning technologies, stereo photography and vectorization.

Production time depends on the complexity of the model. If after modelling you need to print the model on a 3D printer, then at the modelling stage we will take this into account and produce an object optimized for 3D Printing. At the output, you are presented with a File optimized for 3D Printing or CNC Machining.

The cost of 3D CAD modelling depends on the complexity, physical dimensions, product detail and creation methods.

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