The audio system is an indispensable attribute of a modern car. In general, the audio system is designed to receive, convert and play audio. Structurally, the car audio system can be implemented as an independent system or be part of a more multifunctional multimedia system.

At the present time, a great number of audio components are produced, from which different audio and sound systems are created.

Designing audio systems is one of the most popular areas of car tuning.
The car audio system can include the following components: head unit, acoustics, subwoofer, crossover, amplifier, signal processor and wiring.
Not all of the listed components are used in standard audio systems.

The simplest system includes a head unit, front acoustics and wiring.

More complex audio systems are built on a separate principle and consist of a coordinated head unit, an external amplifier, front and rear speakers and a subwoofer.

Chemical Chrome Plating (Spraying or Dipping) is a technology for applying to any hard surfaces and coatings – Nickel, Copper, Silver and Gold, using the process of chemical chrome plating, including a transparent color effect by applying candy paint.

With the installation for Chemical Chrome Plating and reagents, we can chromium plastics, metal, glass, ceramics and other, getting a metal coating with excellent performance and this is another plus in the Chemical chrome plating the possibility of wider use, because. In contrast to electroplating, it can be used not only on metal surfaces.

The result of chemical chrome plating is no different from the known process of galvanic chrome plating, but there are significant differences in the technological process. Chemical chrome plating does not cause harm to health and the environment.
Decorative coating with chrome is absolutely stable and is not afraid of external factors (sun, vibration, kerkher, high pressure air, does not fly off when cuts).

Polishing the headlights is a more labor-intensive, but quite effective and time-tested method
Polishing the headlamps not only improves the appearance of the car, but also increases the illumination of the road by about 30%.

In addition, after polishing the lights, as a rule, stop blind drivers of oncoming vehicles.
Therefore, periodically polish the headlights of the car’s headlight is not only possible, but also necessary.

Many car enthusiasts probably noticed that with the passage of time the light from the standard headlights of the car is getting smaller. There comes a time when simple replacement of lamps or headlight adjustment does not help, because the plastic on the headlights is scratched, rubbed and clouded.

Most motorists a lot of time on the exterior of the car, try to do at least some variety to the standard view of the conveyor. Often set their own air intakes plastic lining on the light, change the wipers, but that, perhaps, and ends with all the settings.

Only a few specialists to give your car to install aerodynamic body kits, spoilers, replace the standard optics and the use of airbrushing.

Such innovations are worth a lot of money, and not everyone can afford the cost of comparable and a half times the cost of the machine.

On the other hand, if you want to restore the factory look of your vehicle will be very problematic.

But what if you are not satisfied with the ease of configuration, but due to various reasons from a fundamental change in the shape of the car should give up? Do not worry, have long been a way to make your car more beautiful with the help of special stickers.